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*Not every trailer will have every option.



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ModelBoat LengthCap. Lbs.O.A.W.Frame SizeRollers Tire Size MinimumOverall LengthTransom to Bow eye, MinTransom to Bow eye, Max
SAR-21- 280018-212800965″ I-Beam16205/75D14C22′-9″17′-6″21′-0″
SAR-21- 310018-213100965″ I-Beam20215/75D14C23′-0″17′-9″21′-3″
SAR-23T- 4600B20-234600965″ I-Beam28205/75D14C24′-11″19′-1″22′-1″
SAR-23T- 5300B20-235300965″ I-Beam32205/75D14C25′-7″19′-9″22′-9″
SAR-25T- 6200B22-256200965″ I-Beam48215/75D14C27′-1″21′-3″24′-3″